Friday, May 31, 2013

Ear Infections and the Thermal Scan

"How can chiropractic care help with ear infections?" With the nervous system being the master controller of the body, the brain and body must be able to communicate free of interference otherwise health starts to degrade. "What...interference?" Most births (it is said about 80%) result in a C1 (upper most segment of the spine for this conversation) subluxation (not aligned correctly which results in a nerve interference.) For a child suffering from an ear infection this mean their thermal scan will more than likely look like this:

This is the Thermal Scan of a 3 year old suffering ear infections to both ears. He has been recommended for ear tubes after the antibiotics have been shown ineffective. You can see the red line coming off of C1. That indicates a severe nerve interference to the structures of the head and face (ears, eyes, sinuses, etc.). A couple weeks into care here and his left was cleared of any infection as indicated by the EENT specialist. We are reducing the interference allowing the body to work as it was designed to do. He has not been back to have the right checked yet. His next scan will likely show the red at C1 decreasing...hopefully down to white as children correct much quicker than adults. We will post that after we do that scan.

For June we are covering the charge on getting these scans done. Give us a call today to have your kids checked...671-7067. We are serious about keeping children off of antibiotics for ear infections.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Wyatt "Pie Man" Leamon Story

A couple months ago I was down in California for a symposium when I was introduced to the story of a 9 month old boy named Wyatt.  Please take a few minutes to watch this video as it may save a life of a loved one.

His story had a huge impact on me partly, no doubt, because I became a father a year ago to a beautiful daughter. Like so many other parents, I could not imagine going through what Wyatt's parents went through as they watched his health decline until he died.

To honor Wyatt and his parents we are doing a children's promotion over starting on Tuesday, May 28th and running through the month of June. You can bring your child in and have them checked out and scanned at no charge. We are covering the cost. With each child scan for subluxations we will donate $10 dollars to the Wyatt Leamon Foundation. Our goal is to raise $500.

By removing the subluxation chiropractic care has been shown to have a great impact on ear infections. We see it occur in our office. So if you have children and want to discuss this or get them checked call us at 671-7067 and get scheduled to have them checked out. I don't want what happened to Wyatt and his family to occur in my community. 

Steve Noble, DC

Friday, November 30, 2012

Imagining The Impossible

I recently watched a movie about BMX Freestyle legend, Mat Hoffman. No one went higher in a half-pipe than Matt Hoffman. Nor did anyone go higher on a ramp. He's gone as high as 50 feet off the ground out of a ramp...landing back down on the same ramp. Fifty feet! Truly amazing. He was so far ahead of his time and is arguably the greatest innovator in the sport of Freestyle BMX.

Another person who went beyond what was thought possible was Steve Jobs. He was tough to work with for certain, but as difficult as people found him to work with, almost all who worked with him did something they thought was impossible. He asked them to reach beyond what they envisioned as being reasonable. He obsessed about every detail of every product Apple made...down to the power cord and the packaging. That obsession resulted in some truly amazing products that have changed the way we live. His reach is so far it boggles the mind how much he was able to achieve in a short life.

So why not dream big? Working with the D1 State Cross Country Champion I see a dreamer. I see someone who imagined himself being the State Champion and went out and became that person. He will no doubt do some amazing things in his life. He dreams bigger than most.

Have you ever imagined the impossible and had it happen? Few things in life can be more rewarding than pulling off something we thought was out of reach or impossible for us. In reality few things are truly out of reach or impossible.Our beliefs tend to be our biggest cheer leader in either limiting or propelling us. I have realized that dreaming past our limits creates the success. When I applied to university I chose a lesser school because I did not have the belief I could get into the school I really wanted. I, got in to the lesser school. I moved all my stuff out there and when I got there I did a reality check and knew that is not what I wanted. I rebooted and applied to the school I really wanted to go to. I got in. I was pumped. It was also a good lesson to aim higher....always. The real difference between those who are successful and those who are not is one's belief system.

Imagine the impossible. It's pretty cool!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Considering Minimalism

Last week I wrote how I had not even considered running in years but have now found my feet moving at what one may call a pace other than walking. I am up to 38 minutes as my longest run so far with no issue. Pretty remarkable to say the least. I did 3 laps around Cornwall park last Wednesday. I even had the intention of doing the Thanksgiving Day World Championships but that fell through when our daughter Coral decided to take a break from sleeping the night before from 10:30pm to 2:30am. Oh well, next year. I did manage to get out for a 30 minute run prior to the big feast on Thanksgiving day though with Rondelle (my super cool wife).

Now I have to start thinking about a new pair of shoes. When I bought my last pair there was little thought because they were purchased prior to Born To Run which completely changed the running shoe world. Amazing how one book did that. Had that book never been published I would have little to think about. Five years ago MINIMALIST was not the buzz word it is now in the running world. Is that word trademarked? Hmmmm...anyhow like every other consumer item the choices are plentiful and the MINIMALIST shoe basically has created an entirely new industry and, for now, a niche market. So do I choose a MINIMALIST shoe or do I go with a less trendy and hip shoe such as its counterpart the MAXimalist shoe which will offer up "protection" for my left foot but may be all wrong in light of the MINIMALIST movement? Decisions. To be continued...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank you!

What an awesome time of year. Reflecting back on what the year has brought and what I am thankful for is a way of keeping my batteries fully charged and moving forward. Of course, this year we had Coral arrive into our life. Being thankful is an understatement. Watching her grow and discover is such an amazing experience and I feel incredibly fortunate and thankful to have her in my life. The other person who continues to amaze is my wife, Rondelle. She is...well...awesome! Enough said.

This time of year also allows me to reflect back on the accomplishments of my patients which has been a phenomenal year to say the least. We have those running their first marathons. Amateurs signing professional contracts. A high school runner achieving one of his life long dreams of being a state champion. Other high school runners setting PRs and reaching new heights. A Master racer winning a series title who came in seeking care only to go faster on the bike by removing the nerve interference impeding his peak performance. Patients leaving their medications behind. Many who were simply not able to do the sports they love and are back up to speed and thriving and setting PRs. Many changing their eating habits and lifestyle to be more congruent with what the human DNA requires to perform at its peak. Finally, those who discovered the amazing benefits of chiropractic for the first time and share the story with others. Truly a great year. So this thank you goes out to all my patients who continually show why I do what I do and allow me to be a part of your success. You are truly inspiring. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Was I really Born To Run?

Yesterday I did my second run in two days! This is significant, very significant. When I was 14 years old a team of podiatrists thought it would be a good idea to fuse a bone in my left foot because it was flat and I was having some pain. Naturally this caused my biomechanics to be more than little challenged for running. Then in 2001 I was hit by a car and had my right femur fractured into 4 pieces. Again, resulting in more biomechanical challenges. My thoughts on running after being hit by the car was that I would never be able to run again. I tried over the years but it was What changed? I focused on clearing my nervous system...removing the interference and correcting the damage that was causing my biomechanics to break down even further.

I had read Born To Run a couple of years ago and thoughts of running danced back into my conscience. (I am a lifelong cyclist focusing mostly on mountain biking.) Many of my patients are runners who came in with a nagging injury and I was able to get them up to speed and back to running so this furthered my desire. I decided to remove the barrier, put on my shoes and get the question answered. Could I run? Going up and down the stairs my leg had felt stronger. One week ago I laced of my 5 year old pair of barely used running shoes and went out for 10 minutes. No issue. I ran a few days laters for 15 minutes and still no issue. I ran again for 15 minutes and still no issue. This past weekend I did two 30 minute runs and felt great and had no issue. I can run. Wow! This is crazy. Next question, what is the limit?

When I tried to run a few years back it was my right knee that could not take it. But after getting my nervous system cleared my biomechanics are sound enough to be able 30 minutes of running. I will keep going longer. Run without limits one might say. Chuckanut 50 thoughts are now entering my conscience thought. :)

You can see my scans before (top one) and after. It is getting there and looking much cleaner hence my ability to run now. (Color is bad. Red is the most severe nerve interference.) The area that was red on the scan also is the area of the spine where the nerves go off to the heart. I used to have heart palpatations. As of late I have not been experiencing those either. More nerve supply to the heart does what? Healthier FUNCTION.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Noble Chiropractic Introduction Video and 'DOCTORED'

We have been working hard over the last couple of months to put this video together showcasing what we do and how we can improve one's health. This video was produced to get the word out about chiropractic and its benefits on health, athletic performance and just overall well being. Take a few minutes to watch it and then pass it along to those who you think also want to see improvements in their health. Thanks for reading and watching. Enjoy!

Also, on Friday, September 21st in New York the premiere of the much anticipated documentary Doctored is happening. This is truly an exciting event and one that should start the conversation regarding the current state of our health (sick) care system. Enjoy!