Friday, November 30, 2012

Imagining The Impossible

I recently watched a movie about BMX Freestyle legend, Mat Hoffman. No one went higher in a half-pipe than Matt Hoffman. Nor did anyone go higher on a ramp. He's gone as high as 50 feet off the ground out of a ramp...landing back down on the same ramp. Fifty feet! Truly amazing. He was so far ahead of his time and is arguably the greatest innovator in the sport of Freestyle BMX.

Another person who went beyond what was thought possible was Steve Jobs. He was tough to work with for certain, but as difficult as people found him to work with, almost all who worked with him did something they thought was impossible. He asked them to reach beyond what they envisioned as being reasonable. He obsessed about every detail of every product Apple made...down to the power cord and the packaging. That obsession resulted in some truly amazing products that have changed the way we live. His reach is so far it boggles the mind how much he was able to achieve in a short life.

So why not dream big? Working with the D1 State Cross Country Champion I see a dreamer. I see someone who imagined himself being the State Champion and went out and became that person. He will no doubt do some amazing things in his life. He dreams bigger than most.

Have you ever imagined the impossible and had it happen? Few things in life can be more rewarding than pulling off something we thought was out of reach or impossible for us. In reality few things are truly out of reach or impossible.Our beliefs tend to be our biggest cheer leader in either limiting or propelling us. I have realized that dreaming past our limits creates the success. When I applied to university I chose a lesser school because I did not have the belief I could get into the school I really wanted. I, got in to the lesser school. I moved all my stuff out there and when I got there I did a reality check and knew that is not what I wanted. I rebooted and applied to the school I really wanted to go to. I got in. I was pumped. It was also a good lesson to aim higher....always. The real difference between those who are successful and those who are not is one's belief system.

Imagine the impossible. It's pretty cool!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Considering Minimalism

Last week I wrote how I had not even considered running in years but have now found my feet moving at what one may call a pace other than walking. I am up to 38 minutes as my longest run so far with no issue. Pretty remarkable to say the least. I did 3 laps around Cornwall park last Wednesday. I even had the intention of doing the Thanksgiving Day World Championships but that fell through when our daughter Coral decided to take a break from sleeping the night before from 10:30pm to 2:30am. Oh well, next year. I did manage to get out for a 30 minute run prior to the big feast on Thanksgiving day though with Rondelle (my super cool wife).

Now I have to start thinking about a new pair of shoes. When I bought my last pair there was little thought because they were purchased prior to Born To Run which completely changed the running shoe world. Amazing how one book did that. Had that book never been published I would have little to think about. Five years ago MINIMALIST was not the buzz word it is now in the running world. Is that word trademarked? Hmmmm...anyhow like every other consumer item the choices are plentiful and the MINIMALIST shoe basically has created an entirely new industry and, for now, a niche market. So do I choose a MINIMALIST shoe or do I go with a less trendy and hip shoe such as its counterpart the MAXimalist shoe which will offer up "protection" for my left foot but may be all wrong in light of the MINIMALIST movement? Decisions. To be continued...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank you!

What an awesome time of year. Reflecting back on what the year has brought and what I am thankful for is a way of keeping my batteries fully charged and moving forward. Of course, this year we had Coral arrive into our life. Being thankful is an understatement. Watching her grow and discover is such an amazing experience and I feel incredibly fortunate and thankful to have her in my life. The other person who continues to amaze is my wife, Rondelle. She is...well...awesome! Enough said.

This time of year also allows me to reflect back on the accomplishments of my patients which has been a phenomenal year to say the least. We have those running their first marathons. Amateurs signing professional contracts. A high school runner achieving one of his life long dreams of being a state champion. Other high school runners setting PRs and reaching new heights. A Master racer winning a series title who came in seeking care only to go faster on the bike by removing the nerve interference impeding his peak performance. Patients leaving their medications behind. Many who were simply not able to do the sports they love and are back up to speed and thriving and setting PRs. Many changing their eating habits and lifestyle to be more congruent with what the human DNA requires to perform at its peak. Finally, those who discovered the amazing benefits of chiropractic for the first time and share the story with others. Truly a great year. So this thank you goes out to all my patients who continually show why I do what I do and allow me to be a part of your success. You are truly inspiring. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Was I really Born To Run?

Yesterday I did my second run in two days! This is significant, very significant. When I was 14 years old a team of podiatrists thought it would be a good idea to fuse a bone in my left foot because it was flat and I was having some pain. Naturally this caused my biomechanics to be more than little challenged for running. Then in 2001 I was hit by a car and had my right femur fractured into 4 pieces. Again, resulting in more biomechanical challenges. My thoughts on running after being hit by the car was that I would never be able to run again. I tried over the years but it was What changed? I focused on clearing my nervous system...removing the interference and correcting the damage that was causing my biomechanics to break down even further.

I had read Born To Run a couple of years ago and thoughts of running danced back into my conscience. (I am a lifelong cyclist focusing mostly on mountain biking.) Many of my patients are runners who came in with a nagging injury and I was able to get them up to speed and back to running so this furthered my desire. I decided to remove the barrier, put on my shoes and get the question answered. Could I run? Going up and down the stairs my leg had felt stronger. One week ago I laced of my 5 year old pair of barely used running shoes and went out for 10 minutes. No issue. I ran a few days laters for 15 minutes and still no issue. I ran again for 15 minutes and still no issue. This past weekend I did two 30 minute runs and felt great and had no issue. I can run. Wow! This is crazy. Next question, what is the limit?

When I tried to run a few years back it was my right knee that could not take it. But after getting my nervous system cleared my biomechanics are sound enough to be able 30 minutes of running. I will keep going longer. Run without limits one might say. Chuckanut 50 thoughts are now entering my conscience thought. :)

You can see my scans before (top one) and after. It is getting there and looking much cleaner hence my ability to run now. (Color is bad. Red is the most severe nerve interference.) The area that was red on the scan also is the area of the spine where the nerves go off to the heart. I used to have heart palpatations. As of late I have not been experiencing those either. More nerve supply to the heart does what? Healthier FUNCTION.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Noble Chiropractic Introduction Video and 'DOCTORED'

We have been working hard over the last couple of months to put this video together showcasing what we do and how we can improve one's health. This video was produced to get the word out about chiropractic and its benefits on health, athletic performance and just overall well being. Take a few minutes to watch it and then pass it along to those who you think also want to see improvements in their health. Thanks for reading and watching. Enjoy!

Also, on Friday, September 21st in New York the premiere of the much anticipated documentary Doctored is happening. This is truly an exciting event and one that should start the conversation regarding the current state of our health (sick) care system. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coral, Chiropractic Care and Colic

Having Coral arrive on March 25th of this year has been nothing short of amazing. Her full name is Coral Marion Noble named after my wife's mother (Coral) and my mother (Marion). All the cliches about having a child have been inserted into my vocabulary that I use on a regular basis. My friends are no doubt bored of it so to them I apologize. But REALLY! She's AMAZING! 

Now let's get down to serious talk here as lives are at stake. Within an hour of being born Coral was given her first Chiropractic adjustment. I checked her neck and she was not able to rotate as well to the left. The top vertebrae was rotated to the right so with very gentle pressure (a pediatric adjustment) C1 rotated to the left and we saw immediate change in left rotation of her neck. Since that time she has been adjusted at least 20 times. She is fortunate. She will continue to be adjusted for years to come and she will grow with a nervous system that is free of interference allowing her and her body to thrive.
1 In the report referenced below a 1 month old had been diagnosed with colic by his medical doctor and was given medication to try and help them. He had both reflux and colic since birth and was not responding to medications. He was having 12-18 reflux episodes per day. Surprisingly, both parents and baby were not sleeping. After 6 pediatric chiropractic adjustments administered over 3 weeks he was down to 3 reflux episodes per day and was sleeping 6 1/2 hours per night. 

What happened? The nervous system was interfered with...chiropractors call it subluxated. The brain was not communicating with the body at 100%. Some of the nerve impulses from the brain were making it down to the body otherwise there would have been paralysis but not enough to give this child a chance to thrive. So reflux and colic resulted. Chances of developmental delays in this case are huge. Walking, talking, growing, learning, etc. Thriving. 

Chiropractic can absolutely resolve colic. This story is repeated daily in chiropractic offices around the world and in the science...well beyond the review that I have listed here. Yet, many more infants are suffering from colic and the implications to nerve interference on the future of these children can be devastating!! I and thousands of other chiropractors are screaming at the top of our lungs for this message to get out. Children are needlessly suffering and there is a safe and effective solution out there.

My plea to you is this: spread the message that there is help for infants suffering with colic (same for ear infections as well). Please have their parents take them go to a wellness chiropractor. If you don't have a recommendation for a wellness chiropractor in your area try the ICPA or CLAs to help locate one.

Thanks for reading and thank you for making a difference in a child's life.

1 Roulette D, Monroe C: Improvement of Infant Colic and Reflux Following Chiropractic Care: A Case Report & Selective Review of the Literature. J. Pediatric Maternal & Family Health - April 16, 2012. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

STRESS In 3 Dimensions

STRESS, STRESS, STRESS. Prior to my work as a Chiropractor I had only heard the word STRESS in association with school, work, relationships, finances, etc. All the psychological ones. I knew that STRESS kills! I also knew that STRESS will cause hair to fall out and jaws to clench. We'd heard the stories of STRESSed-out folks suddenly having a heart attack and dying...STRESS kills! The subject seemed to be focused on psychological STRESS only. At least for most conversations.

But, like many things, of course, there is more to the STRESS story than meets the eye. Make absolutely no mistake, STRESS kills! Where the story expands is there are two more STRESSors that need to be included into the conversation: Physical and Biochemical STRESS.

Physical STRESS includes but no limited to: birth trauma (80% of births result in some form of birth trauma to the spine), sports injuries, car accidents, computer programming, desk work, yard work, etc.

Biochemical STRESS included but not limited to: sodas, alcohol, smoking, processed foods, any 'food' that is not whole, sugar, etc. Simply because it has calories does not make it a food. If food could be defined as something that will help the body thrive, like gazelle meat for a tiger and broccoli for the human then we would have to call most of what is in a grocery store...not FOOD...or more so, biochemical STRESSors.

In reality then, STRESS is three dimensional. Physical, Biochemical and Psychological. As these STRESSors accumulate the nervous system becomes negatively affected. Since the nervous controls and coordinates everything we feel and experience our life experience starts to diminish due to illness and STRESS on the nervous system. STRESS on the nervous system ultimately creates disorder in the body as seen in many of the symptoms and disease people are experiencing today. Again, it is this disorder that will lead to disease. Remove the STRESSors that are negatively affecting the nervous system AND get your spine checked (see Subluxation Station for a description of what is used at Noble Chiropractic to determine how much STRESS your nervous system is experiencing) and cleared by a wellness chiropractor and the life experience becomes greatly enhanced. Continue on the same path and I am sad to say STRESS does indeed kill. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A REAL Food Concept Rather Than Manufactured Food For The Athlete

During the High Cascade 100 last year I reached a point when I could no longer take in another swig of the Hammer product that was in my bottle or in my Hammer flask (gel). I was done with all of it. I just wanted REAL food. "Back in the day" (I can say that since I started racing mountain bikes in the mid 80s) our fuel was real food. Bananas and oranges were the most used at aid stations along with cookies, PBJs the size of a Tapas and water. We did long races too. Typically 2-4 hours were the finishing times. Granted the food was not as convenient as today's products but, again, it was real and did not leaving me wanting to hurl with the next suck on the bottle or bite of an energy bar.

My solution to this great dilemma: make my own energy drink using real food. Can Hammer product be BETTER than REAL food in terms of bringing me to a higher level of performance? Logic, of course, dictates a big 'NO' to that question. But, like many, I bought into the rhetoric or, more so, the convenience about performance fuels. Until now.

A few months back we bought a Vitamix blender. For those not familiar with the Vitamix it is a high powered commercial blender that you might think when first turning it to HIGH your lights will suddenly dim in your house. It is that powerful. My wife has always questioned manufactured endurance fuels and suggested I just make a smoothie. Novel ideal. So with the Vitamix sitting on the counter and ready to go I started to experiment. And much to my delight and not really surprised the smoothies work fantastic. After all I am giving my body fuel that we are designed to eat....for the most part...the oats and honey are somewhat of a deviation from that idea but they are...REAL. And they taste good...I get to design the taste around what I am feeling like on a particular day.

An idea to try (this is what I have been doing for 2 bottles):
1 cup blue berries
1 or 2 bananas
1 heaping spoon of honey
1 heaping spoon of almond butter (that I make in the Vitamix after roasting the almonds)
1 cup whole oats (Vitamix will leave you wondering where the oats grittiness whatsoever)
water as much as needed to thin it out and have it fill 2 bottles
Blend on HIGH for 30-60 seconds and it will be smooth.

I have also thrown a carrot in there, kale and chard (a leaf or two...excellent source of vitamins and minerals) as well. One could also get some caffeine in there is wanted with the toss of a few beans (the Vitamix will surely blend it but I am not sure about less powerful blenders) or a shot of espresso. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by one's imagination.

It really has been amazing and kept me going strong. No question about it. My stomach never feels that nasty feeling like after using those manufactured fuels on long rides. 

Should you try it out shoot me a note and let me know if it worked out. Also, if you have a tasty recipe that you would be willing to share let me know so I an try it out and post it.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Biomechanical Breakdown Is Really A Health Issue

The knee starts to hurt. Rest is doing little to help it other than not aggravating it. There is no explanation for the knee pain other than when running down or up or for X amount of time is the usual statement I hear. Often the diagnosis is something along the lines of, "your quad (VMO in many cases) is not firing or your glut is not firing so you need to do these exercises to get them firing again and this will allow your patella to track straight again" or "your IT band is too tight so you need to stretch it out." I am pro stretching and strengthening. But the bigger question that should always be asked is this. Why are, for example, the muscles of the right leg "firing" while the left is not? Serious question here. Why? Or why is one IT band "tight" while the other side functions without issue? The answer is this. A muscle will not "fire" when there is a lack of nerve supply to that muscle. Lack of nerve supply results in the muscle not doing its job which allows the biomechanics to break down thus causing hip, knee, foot, shoulder, etc. issues. Once the biomechanics breakdown, soft tissue will need to adapt and this will often cause scar tissue, hence the need for the some soft tissue work. Lack of nerve supply will also result in a loss of strength, hence the need to possibly do some strengthening of those muscles supporting the area in question.

To the bigger issue. Barring a blow to the knee or any other area in question that causes a tissue injury like a torn meniscus, there really is just one reason why biomechanics breakdown and that is nerve interference (aka SUBLUXATIONS) in the spine. It's that simple. Biomechanical breakdown is PRECEDED by subluxations. Subluxations come first. No doubt about it. The brain needs to connect to the body through the spinal cord and out the nerves. If the bones in the spine are not moving correctly or at all (a subluxation) that causes the obstruction of nerve impulses from the brain to the body. It is an absolute. You can stretch, strengthen, rub, electric stimulation, ultrasound, put orthotics under your feet (a woefully over prescribed device if I have ever seen one) or do whatever but until the subluxation is cleared you will have poor biomechanics. Those modalities may allow for some tissue healing thus allowing it to "feel better" but once those modalities are stopped and the running or whatever returns to full speed the odds of it coming back are very high.

On a larger level though there is a real problem that is creeping up. Biomechanical breakdown is really an indicator of decreasing health...those nerves that come off the spinal cord and go through the vertebrae to your leg also feed to the organs. The organs and muscles share the same outlet off the spinal cord into the body through the vertebrae. There is no separation. If your leg is not receiving proper amount of nerve supply neither are your organs. I hope one will recognize that as not being a good thing. That is why one will often see a decrease in health when the knee is bothering them or more so for the athlete a decrease in performance and recovery leading up to the knee injury. Now not only are the muscles of the leg not getting enough nerve supply to give proper biomechanics but also your organs are not getting proper nerve supply causing an absolute decrease to your health. Since the nervous system controls and coordinates ALL functions of the body health will naturally suffer without proper nerve supply. So a hurt knee caused by biomechanical breakdown is a health issue. Whoa!!!

So when a patient shows up with the chief complaint of knee pain (or IT Band, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, etc.) the two things I can be relatively sure of: 1) they have subluxations and 2) therefore their health is being affected negatively. Correcting the subluxations through chiropractic adjustments will not only start the correction of the biomechanics and get one back to a lifestyle of running but also and for many more importantly return one's health and prevent health problems in the future.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Do You Know If You Are Heathy?

My initial schooling in chiropractic led me to believe that chiropractic was about alleviating back or neck pain. However, if we look at what chiropractic care can actually do for the body pain is only the tip of the iceberg and not the main objective. Pain is an indicator at best and an indicator at worst. An absence of symptoms such as pain does not mean one is healthy. Pain, if you are lucky can get you to someone who can tell you something is wrong on a larger having a heart attack. (Before reading any more check out this video of Dr. Mancini on television show The Doctor.)

Jim Fixx, the 240 lb., 2-pack a day smoker turned runner who published The Complete Book To Running in 1977. At age 35 he took up running and living smoke free. He died of a heart attack at age 52 after his daily run. Was he healthy the day before the heart attack? I will say, 'no.' Did he have pain telling him he was not healthy? I don't know. It seems many heart attack victims do not know it is coming.

Another example is for those who have suffered the dreadful "gall bladder attack." My understanding is those who have had one do indeed feel as if they are under attack. If one is to base health on being pain free then it would be fair to say that removing a gall bladder and therefore removing the pain that person is in a better state of health than prior to the gall bladder removal. And that would, of course, be absurd as I think most would agree.  

So what is health then? How does one know if they are healthy? Often the answer is we don't. Again, an absence of symptoms is not an indicator of health...not even close. The central nervous system is comprised of sensory (pain, touch, heat), motor (think moving muscles) and autonomic (everything that works automatically without you having to think...organs, glands, blood vessels) fibers. Sensory is about 10% of the central nervous system while motor and autonomic comprise the other 90%...the part you can't necessarily FEEL.

Back to Jim Fixx, he smoked and was 240 lbs. when we stopped and turned to a life of running. However, he still had a heart attack at age 52. Another is Lance Armstrong who was one of the fittest athletes in the world when he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after pulling out of the 1996 Tour de France. Exercise and diet are not all there is to health. So what else? And the answer is your nervous system. Stress from physical (accidents, poor workstation posture, etc.), biochemical (smoking, alcohol, sugar, non organic veggies and fruits, sodas, etc.) and mental/emotional stress (racing the Tour, marriage, finances, etc.) will create subluxation patterns in your spine creating nerve interference. Once those patterns are created they will not change with diet and exercise alone...again Jim Fixx. Detecting those patterns and correcting them using chiropractic adjustments are the key to returning to health along with stopping the stresses that caused them in the first place. Once that is done we see "miracles" as digestion, bowel issues, low energy issues, etc. start to subside and clear. The body is returning to its self-healing, self-regulating ways as the nerve interferences are reduce and corrected. And with this folks have a happier, healthier life. It is awesome to watch unfold. 

We use the Space Certified Insight Subluxation Station (just like on this video of Dr. Mancini on The Doctor!) to detect the interference patterns so there is no guessing with your health. Jim Fixx's nervous system likely had a great deal of subluxations since he was a 2 pack a day smoker prior. The biochemical stress from smoking 2 packs a day is...high.And, again those patterns simply do not correct on their own and the nerve interference disappear. Once the circuit breaker has been tripped nothing we do will reset the circuit until we go to the box and flip the switch to turn the power back on. Same goes for us. How long do you want your organs to be living on less than ideal nerve supply? Don't wait for pain to be your indicator. Get your spine checked today. If it is clear, great! If not, you may want to have some care to get those subluxations corrected.

Thanks for reading.