Friday, May 31, 2013

Ear Infections and the Thermal Scan

"How can chiropractic care help with ear infections?" With the nervous system being the master controller of the body, the brain and body must be able to communicate free of interference otherwise health starts to degrade. "What...interference?" Most births (it is said about 80%) result in a C1 (upper most segment of the spine for this conversation) subluxation (not aligned correctly which results in a nerve interference.) For a child suffering from an ear infection this mean their thermal scan will more than likely look like this:

This is the Thermal Scan of a 3 year old suffering ear infections to both ears. He has been recommended for ear tubes after the antibiotics have been shown ineffective. You can see the red line coming off of C1. That indicates a severe nerve interference to the structures of the head and face (ears, eyes, sinuses, etc.). A couple weeks into care here and his left was cleared of any infection as indicated by the EENT specialist. We are reducing the interference allowing the body to work as it was designed to do. He has not been back to have the right checked yet. His next scan will likely show the red at C1 decreasing...hopefully down to white as children correct much quicker than adults. We will post that after we do that scan.

For June we are covering the charge on getting these scans done. Give us a call today to have your kids checked...671-7067. We are serious about keeping children off of antibiotics for ear infections.